Top 8 Nightclubs in Playa del Carmen

Cocobongo nightclub in Playa del Carmen

Looking for the best places to party in Playa del Carmen? Here’s our Top 8 nightclubs in Playa del Carmen.

All of these, and I may say that most of the clubs in Playa del Carmen, are located in Calle 12 of Playa del Carmen. Calle 12 is ideal if you like moving from one club to the other!

These clubs and bars are guaranteed to give you the ultimate Caribbean partying experience. Most of the clubs listed here have been part of the biggest music festival in Mexico, the BPM. 

  1. Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo has to be our #1. There’s no way to fail when you go to Coco Bongo. This is not only a club, it’s the ultimate entertainment experience when clubbing in Playa del Carmen. These high quality shows guarantee great entertainment all night long. With themed nights, you can get different shows from time to time. Pro tip: be on the look for sweet deals.

Location: Calle 12 and 10th Avenue.

Cover: $40-$50 USD with open bar

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Cocobongo night club people dancing
Cocobongo, Playa del Carmen
  1. Palazzo

At Palazzo Disco you can enjoy all the glamour of the nights in Playa del Carmen. This nightclub is located on the famous 12th avenue, in the heart of the city and is the favorite venue of all party lovers to celebrate until dawn. A roof full of disco balls, elegant decoration, chandeliers and an electrifying atmosphere distinguish Palazzo Playa del Carmen. If you like to dance, this is the club for you! You will listen to only the best music and find the dance floor always full, due to which fun is guaranteed.

Open: 10:30pm – 4:00am

Thursday – Carnival

Friday – Glow Extravaganza

Saturday – Azteca Show

No cover.

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Grupo Mandala Palazzo Nightclub
Palazzo, Playa del Carmen
  1. Abolengo

Abolengo is a Bartina (bar and mexican cantina) located in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Unique mixology is the main key to a relaxed but energetic evening. This is the perfect place to start your night and enjoy the freshest and exotic drinks from Playa del Carmen.
Abolengo has a VIP vibe and a fun atmosphere. Delight yourself with its flavors, incredible facilities and the great music to dance all night long. Be ready to become part of the Drink Society!

Open: Every day from 10:00 pm – 4:00 am

Grupo Mandala Abolengo Nightclub Playa del Carmen
Abolengo, Playa del Carmen
  1. Santino Tun Tun

The perfect spot to have delicious dinner without sacrificing the atmosphere or the party. Some call it a “sinful ambience” for the saint and for those who aren’t so much of a saint. Everyone enjoys the variety of music, snaks and strong drinks. Santino Tun Tun is the perfect place to start off the night. This place will put you in the right mood to live the ultimate Playa del Carmen Night experience.

Open: Everyday from 6pm-11pm

Santino Tun Tun Night Club in Playa del Carmen
Santino Tun Tun, Playa del Carmen
  1. Mandala

Second on our list is the Mandala Club. One of the hottest clubs for the summer. With their asian and hindu aesthetic, you’re up for mystery and glamour. So be ready to have the night of your life. Mandala gives you the exclusive and unique partying experience you were looking for. Its open spaces and interior decoration make it the perfect place for you to change the rules and own the night.

Location: Calle 12 and 1st Avenue

Open: Every day from 10pm – 4am

Cover: $40-$50 USD

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Grupo Mandala, Mandala Nightclub in Playa del Carmen
Mandala, Playa del Carmen
  1. Clandestino Rooftop

After walking down the 5th Avenue, enjoy a drink and chill a little. Great service, trendy decor and relaxing vibes. This place has been on top of the list for many locals and turists. They have good music, a dance floor and a great ambience full of young energy.

Open: Everyday from 8pm to 3am

Clandestino Nightclub in Playa del Carmen
Clandestino, Playa del Carmen
  1. Prana Hooka and Drinks

Most of the bars listed here, as we said at the beginning, are to be found in Calle 12, so finding a place to party in Playa del Carmen couldn’t be easier. Prana is a Hookah Lounge Bar where you can expect a unique and exotic energy. Let yourself flow through the atmosphere with hooka and good music.

Open: Everyday from 8pm to 4am

Prana Hooka and Drinks Playa del Carmen
Prana Hooka & Drinks, Playa del Carmen
  1. La Vaquita

La Vaquita is the funnest club in Playa del Carmen! It’s characteristic open facade, cow-print decoration. You cannot go wrong if you choose to party here. Let out the partyholic inside of you and go crazy! Located on 12th Avenue, La Vaquita Playa del Carmen invites you in to meet and dance with new people from all over the globe.

Open: Every day from 10:00 pm – 4:00 am

La Vaquita Nightclub in Playa del Carmen
La Vaquita, Playa del Carmen